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Acquisition Criteria


    In today's challenging market, access to capital is paramount to acquisition performance. As a privately held company, Gray Gables Realty funds its transactions through a combination of internal capital from the company's core partnership as well as passive equity from its many institutional relationships. While many have seen debt financing constrict acquisition activity, Gray Gables Realty remains able to complete its refinancing needs.

    Many years of development, leasing, and property management, combined with a conservative Balance Sheet, makes Gray Gables Realty poised to outperform its competitors when navigating today's arduous investment market. Having completed numerous joint ventures, Gray Gables Realty is well equipped to enter into complex partnership opportunities providing both capital as well as accessing its many resources as a major commercial real estate owner.

    Our current acquisition focus is value and yield driven. However, value and yield will never overshadow our long term strategy of investing in quality commercial real estate. We focus our potential investment opportunities in the great central OHIO area. Since 2001, our team has acquired over 200,000 square feet of commercial space. This notable transaction history provides our potential partners a better certainty of closing and brings in the expertise and flexibility to resolve issues in an equitable and timely manner. With a quick and efficient due diligence and closing process, our acquisition team has a proven track record of success throughout these demanding times.


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